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Lacrosse Nova Scotia is Seeking an Executive Director

(Halifax Region)

Position Title: Executive Director of Lacrosse Nova Scotia

Lacrosse Nova Scotia (LNS) is seeking a motivated and hard-working individual with experience in program development and management in sport to lead the small team at LNS into and through our next stage of growth.

The Executive Director is the senior staff member at LNS and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of LNS and coordinating the delivery of all administrative aspects of lacrosse within the LNS. This includes working directly with the Board of Directors to implement policies, procedures, and strategies to promote the growth of lacrosse in Nova Scotia, overseeing LNS staff, and managing the financial affairs, partnerships, and membership of LNS. They are also the main point of liaison within the orgamization, responsible for communicating and coordinating with Sport Nova Scotia, the Canadian Lacrosse Association, and all local clubs, programs, leagues, and groups within the Nova Scotia lacrosse community. The full job description can be found below or here.

The successful candidate will be a self-motivated individual with strong administrative and organizational skills, good interpersonal skills, and have the ability to recruit and motivate a large volunteer workforce and foster a passion for lacrosse with the wider Nova Scotian community. They will also have a passion for lacrosse and be willing to do the work that is necessary to ensure that the sport of lacrosse continues to grow in Nova Scotia.

Interested candidates are asked to submit their resume, cover letter, and a minimum three references to Charlotte Henderson, VP of Administration and HR Committee Chair, at cnhenderson@dal.ca by 12:00pm AT on Tuesday, September 24, 2019.

We thank all applicants for their interest, however only those selected for interviews will be contacted.

Work Commitment

This is a full-time position on a three (3) year contract.

While the expectation is that the Executive Director will hold normal business hours, this position often requires attendance at evening and weekend events. Where appropriate, any overtime hours will be awarded in time in lieu. Travel is also be required so the Executive Director must have access to a personal vehicle. Job-related travel expenses are paid.

LNS will not be responsible for any moving costs incurred by the successful candidate.

This position will pay $45,000.00 to $50,000.00 annually.

Recommended Qualifications and Skills

Preference will be given to an individual with experience working in administrative or management roles within a sports organization and who has experience with lacrosse in any capacity. A University or College degree is also preferable, particularly if it is in the field of sports management or business administration.

Job Description: Executive Director of Lacrosse Nova Scotia

Lacrosse Nova Scotia (LNS) is a provincial sport association, member of the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA), and supported by Sport Nova Scotia (SNS). LNS aims to promote, develop, and administer the game of lacrosse in the province of Nova Scotia and to provide opportunities for advancement, pursuit of excellence, and lifelong participation in the sport. 

The Executive Director will report to the LNS Board of Directors (the Board) and to Human Resources Committee, which includes the VP of Administration as Chair, the President, and VP of Operations, unless otherwise necessary. The Executive Director is tasked with taking a leadership role in supporting the Board with implementation of their strategic plan and ensuring the ongoing growth and quality of the lacrosse program in the province of Nova Scotia. To this end, the Executive Director will take the lead in coordinating the delivery of all administrative aspects of lacrosse within the LNS, liaising with SNS, the CLA, and all local clubs, programs, and groups within the province of Nova Scotia. They may additionally be required to liaise with lacrosse representatives for the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), Canada Games, and the National Lacrosse League (NLL) as is required. The Executive Director will also be responsible for communicating provincial resource materials, grant opportunities, information, and policies between and to the aforementioned entities.

Furthermore, the Executive Director will be responsible for assisting with general oversight of LNS staff and facilitators, event planning and identification of fundraising opportunities, database management, financial management including invoice and expense organization and cheque preparation for payments, as well as providing the Board with regular reports to be presented at the Board meetings. The Executive Director will also work with individual Board members and Committees on projects and activities pertaining to the mandate of that Board member or Committee.

Key Responsibilities: 

·         To manage the LNS office at SNS, including responsibility for all day-to-day operations, staff, including the Technical Director and Summer Students, financial affairs, and correspondence;

·         To oversee LNS finances, including:

o   Ensuring that all invoices are paid by their due date;

o   Maintaining a financial statement and balance sheet that can be used to assist the VP of Finance when generating yearly financial reports;

o   Working with the VP of Finance to liaise with Auditors for the year-end financial review process; and

o   Administering the collection of membership fees.

·         To source any potential funding or sponsorship opportunities that would support organizational programming for LNS and to develop and submit all funding applications, proposals, and reports to the relevant entities;

·         To help create and maintain corporate partnerships related to the achievement of strategic priorities and financial goals;

·         To develop and foster close working relationships with all lacrosse leagues, clubs, programs, and associations in Nova Scotia;

·         To provide support to the lacrosse leagues, clubs, programs, and associations in Nova Scotia so that these LNS members can access the organizational information that they need on a yearly basis to be successful. This includes providing information and support for all grant opportunities that can be accessed through SNS, the CLA, and any other relevant opportunities that may arise;

·         To work with the lacrosse leagues, clubs, programs, and associations in Nova Scotia to gather player registration information and volunteer information and to manage this information on the LNS website database;

·         To attend CLA events and be the point of contact, outside the LNS President, with the CLA, LNS, and their respective members;

·         To be familiar with the CLA calendar of events, important dates, and policies and procedures to ensure that LNS meets the requirements and due dates;

·         To act as the designated transfer representative for LNS with the CLA when conducting inter-provincial player transfers;

·         To assist LNS in policy development and implementation;

·         To create, update, and manage the LNS calendar of events which contains key information, events, and dates pertaining to the lacrosse leagues, clubs, programs, and associations in Nova Scotia as well as the CLA and SNS;

·         To be responsible for annually collecting and uploading the data of LNS players, coaches, and volunteers (Member) to report to SNS and the province. This information is used by SNS and the province to determine the amount of annual grant funding that LNS will receive as well as by LNS for invoicing membership fees and determining voting grids for the AGM;

·         To be directly involved with the organization of any LNS special events, particularly fundraising events, annual events, such as provincial championships and tournaments, and special events, such as national championships;

·         To produce regular Board reports and year-end AGM reports to be presented at Board meetings and the AGM, respectively;

·         To attend any professional development (PD) meetings held by SNS as well as additional PD sessions where the relevant and the budget allows; and

·         Other duties as may be required.

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