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The Cause


About Sport Nova Scotia

Created in 1971, Sport Nova Scotia is a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to the development, administration and promotion of amateur sport.

As the voice for amateur sport in Nova Scotia, Sport Nova Scotia promotes the benefits of health, personal development and achievement for all participants. We provide support, direction and leadership to our member organizations in their delivery of sport opportunities to Nova Scotians. Our vision is that all Nova Scotians will attain a better health and a sense of achievement through active participation in recreational and competitive sport experiences throughout their lives.

A federated society, we are comprised of a membership of approximately 60 provincial sport organizations from athletics to wrestling. Our reach extends to more than 160,000 Nova Scotians through our member provincial sport organizations and community sport organizations. The majority of programming run through Sport Nova Scotia and our member organizations is grassroots, community level sport such as t-ball, mini soccer and basketball



A national program with licensed chapters in nine provinces and one territory (with local chapters in 188 communities across Canada), KidSportTM was initiated to make sport opportunities available to all children regardless of their social or economic status. KidSportTM’s mission is to remove the financial barriers that prevent children in financial need from participating in sport. KidSportTM Nova Scotia provides funding up to $300 per year per child for sport registration and/or equipment. KidSportTM Nova Scotia annually allocates over $500,000 to more than 2,000 families in need throughout Nova Scotia. KidSportTM helps put these children on an equal playing field with their peers, giving them the self-confidence to become leaders of tomorrow. Currently in Nova Scotia, more than 14,000 children live in poverty. Thousands of Nova Scotia children are still not receiving the opportunity to play.



Sport Nova Scotia supports and promotes the delivery of parasport to all Nova Scotians. In 2010 a parasport coordinator position was established as the result of a partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic. As the first point of contact for people with a physical disability in the province, parasport focuses on increasing the number of parasport participants, providing support and developing sustainable parasport programs across Nova Scotia. Through education, awareness, funding, coach and official development, along with program and leadership development at the community level, para athletes are receiving new and enhanced opportunities to participate in sport from grassroots to high performance levels.



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