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Important Dates

 Championship Date Application Date
 January 1- March 31 November 1
 April 1- June 30 February 1
 July 1- September 30 May 1
 October 1- December 31 August 1

Contact Information

Jeff Ledrew
Director of Marketing
Provincial Championship Sponsorship Program


  • The Provincial Championship Sponsorship Program provides sponsorship grants up to $1,000 to Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) in return for Official Sponsorship designations and benefits.
  • Provincial Sport Organizations must be the recognized governing body for sport Nova Scotia and a member of Sport Nova Scotia
  • In return for the sponsorship grant, the PSO must provide benefits to the Sport Nova Scotia as identified in Appendix A.
  • Sponsorship grants will be awarded four times per year
  • Allocations will be awarded based on proposed sponsorship benefits (i.e to the sponsor) and financial need as determined by the event budget (please submit with your application). Priority will be given to organizations demonstrating financial need.
  • The Championship must be a PSO Provincial Championship.
  • The program will be administered seasonally and promoted to all PSO members of Sport Nova Scotia
  • PSOs may not receive sponsorship funding more than one time per calendar year

Program Objectives
  • Assist Provincial Sport Organizations financially;
  • Integrate the sponsor's partnership into Sport Nova Scotia's member organizations;
  • Broaden the sponsor's awareness and presence in the amateur sport community;
  • Enhance PSOs 'buy-in' to the strategic partnership and vision of sport and health.

Appendix A- Provision of Benefits

In return for a sponsorship of up to $1,000 participating Provincial Sport Organizations must:
  • Identify the sponsor as an Official Sponsor of the PSO's Major Provincial Championship;
  • Obtain approval from the Sponsor on any and all uses of the Sponsors logo;
  • Not associate with any company that could potentially represent a conflict with the sponsor. The sponsor can veto any sponsorship, at their discretion
  • Provide the sponsor with the right to use the Provincial Sport Organizations logo in advertising and promotion;
  • Provide an opportunity for a sponsor representative to participate in the Championship's opening and/or closing ceremonies (i.e. speaking opportunity, award presentation opportunity);
  • Provide the Sponsor with the opportunity to position a promotional 3'x10' banner at the Championship site. The banner must be positioned in a high profile area;
  • Recognize the Sponsor (with logo and web site identification) on all materials and communications related to the Championship (e.g. letterhead, programs, posters, web site, banners);
  • Provide a detailed report to Sport Nova Scotia detailing the sponsorship benefits to the Sponsor with samples of all sponsor reciprocation (e.g. photos, sample newsletters, etc).