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Important Dates

  • The February 2016 Sport Fund applications have been reviewed and 57 projects have been allocated $84,000.00 in funding. 
  • The February 2016 Sport Fund application asks ranged from $500.00-$15,000.00 with an average allocation of $1,475.00.
  • Progress reports are due within one year of application approval (April 30, 2017). 

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Contact Us

Janine MacIntyre
Sport Projects Coordinator

Important Information for Support4Sport  Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund Applicants 

Application Deadline Extended

Over the past few months, we‘ve been assessing our existing community sport grants in the hopes of improving our service to its beneficiaries. While both grants have played an important role in the development of community sport across Nova Scotia, it was determined that the impact could be greater.

Moving forward we’re pleased to confirm that we’ll now have a regional funding model whereby the initiatives funded in your region are determined by a committee located within your region. Furthermore, we’ll also be looking to expand our areas of funding as we continue to address the ever-changing needs of community sport organizations.

To ensure a smooth transition to this new format, the upcoming February 1 application deadline for community sport grants is being extended until May 2017.

For those who have already submitted applications for the February 1 deadline, you will be contacted.

We’re confident that the changes being made to these grants will allow us to better serve community sport organizations and clubs across Nova Scotia.

More information will follow (including the exact date in May when applications will be due); in the meantime if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund

The Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund was made possible by a $1 million contribution from the Support4Sport program as well as a contribution of over $600,000 from the Halifax 2011 Canada Games Host Society. The Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund is designed to support community sport organizations in their efforts to increase participation in sport. The fund will support projects that are intended to increase sustainable, quality, participation-based sport programs by helping to offset the cost of sport equipment. This may include new programs or the expansion of existing programs.

Who can apply?
Local clubs and/or community sport organizations

What don't we fund?
For profit organizations, schools and educational institutions as well as governments and recreation facilities are not eligible for the funds

What Kind Of Initiatives Have Generally Not Been Successful In The Past?
The S4S Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund does not normally provide funding for:

  • Travel
  • Events
  • Generally funding is not usually awarded to groups for capital equipment expenditures
  • Coach or employee salaries

Amount Available
On average we fund between $200.00 - $5000.00  per grant application. Our average allocation in 2015 was $1,500.00. 

How to create a successful application:

①    Clear purpose and goal(s)

·         Who, what, where, when, how & why?

②     Comprehensive and well thought out

·         Elevator pitch

③     Aligned with CS4L/LTAD (fit within  pathway)

·         Age stage appropriate

④     Strong explanation of the long-term benefits of the project/initiative

⑤     Sustainability (financially)

·         Partnerships, collaboration & REVENUE

The “basic” consideration for all these applications is their ability to positively impact participation rates, (expanding programs, new programs, improving quality to improve retention, etc)

For more information like this please read the FAQ document on the left-hand side of this webpage. 

The diagram below illustrates the different stages of our grant application process.