Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sport Fund Success Story

Dartmouth Crossing Speed Skating

Two years ago, the Dartmouth Crossing Speed Skating Club (DCSSC) consisted of just two coaches with a four-year plan and a vision to grow their sport. With the promise of a new facility in the works, the organization was resolute in gaining momentum to establish a short-track speed skating program.  

“We needed to grow rapidly to be able to acquire ice time and launch our programs in the new arena when it was scheduled to open in the fall of 2017” said DCSSC co-founder, Sheila McGinn. “Support from Sport Fund assisted us in developing and expanding programming, developing expanding our coaching team, and acquiring the equipment necessary to operate our Learn to Skate and Speed Skating programs.”

In September of 2017, the 60-athlete, two-coach club moved into the Dartmouth 4Pad. By the end of that season, they nearly tripled their membership, hired 12 new coaches and added a program for Special Olympics athletes.

“It’s very important for sport organizers to know about Sport Fund and what it can do to help them build and develop sport programs” said McGinn, stressing the crucial role that the fund played in growing her organization. “It has allowed us to offer new options for sport and physical activity and to keep costs down for young families by reducing the need to cover long-term investments in start-up costs out of program fees. We’ve been able to reach out to under-served communities, and to develop new coaches for the sport.”

Sport Fund supports the growth of sport at the community level by relieving the financial stress associated with start-up costs and equipment.


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