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June 9, 2021- Halifax, NS - Cleve’s Source for Sports Good Sport Award Recipients Announced

Sabrina Smith, Hannah Hobson, and Evelyn Tobin are the Cleve's Source for Sports Good Sport Award recipients for June 2021. 

 Sabrina Smith’s dedication and care for the well-being of her equine partners shine through. She consistently steps up to help the Pinehill Equestrian Centre by not only ensuring the horses get the same level of care during the lockdown but also mentors younger students with a willing attitude and friendly smile.   

Rider, Hannah Hobson shows handwork and commitment to the Pinehill Equestrian Centre. She’s been instrumental in working with barn staff and instructors to help organize multiple initiatives that ensure the horses are properly exercised. She also spearheaded ongoing weekly communications efforts to keep the Pinehill team up to date in their absence, posting pictures of the horses and organizing online contests. 

During lockdown track athlete, Evelyn Tobin went above and beyond for her team when she took it upon herself to plan and schedule individual workouts. To boost morale and keep the team together, she found out each team member's birthday and made a special workout for the person whose birthday it was.  

Quick Facts 

Athlete of the Month 

  • The Cleve’s Source for Sports Athlete of the Month program is administered by Sport Nova Scotia. 

  • Provincial sport organization members are eligible to nominate athletes for these awards. 

  • The Athlete of the Month Good Sport Award is for the athlete(s) who went above and beyond for their teammates during the pandemic. 

  • A membership committee selects the award recipients.  

  • For more information about the awards, please visit 

Sport Nova Scotia 

  • Sport Nova Scotia is a voice for amateur sport that promotes the benefits of health, personal development, and achievement of all participants. We’re a non-profit, non-government organization representing approximately 60 provincial sport organizations and more than 160,00- member Nova Scotians. 



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Sport Nova Scotia 


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