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COVID-19 update regarding numbers and livestreaming: January 27, 2021

The current guidelines allow a maximum of 50 people directly involved in the sport activity, without social distancing. The number 50 must include everyone on the field of play. This includes the players, coaches, trainers, officials, etc. (everyone who would normally be needed if it were a regular practice, game, or competition). The 50 in the field of play does not include facility or venue staff required to operate the game or performance safely.   

When granted permission from the venue, the event may be produced, recorded, live streamed and/or broadcasted by a business. A business is classified as a company that professionally produces video or live streaming services (such as Eastlink). The business’ video production team is limited to 10 people (which are permitted to be present in addition to the 50 participants) and they must maintain physical distance and comply with all applicable rules and regulations, from Public Health rules to venue rules to the rules and regulations governing recording and broadcasting of individuals. If there is a need for more than 10, the video team can submit a proposal to the Safety Division at the Department of Labour and Advanced Education at   

Outside of a business providing a production team, people or groups who are not a business who wish to provide social media streaming or recording of sport events would count towards the total of 50 people directly involved in the sport activity.  As with businesses providing broadcasting services, these people would also be responsible for abiding by applicable laws and regulations as well as the regulations of the facility where the event is taking place. In addition to Public Health regulations currently in existence, this would include all laws and regulations pertaining to broadcasting, streaming, videoing, etc., in addition to any social media policies that groups may have in place. 


COVID-19 Update - Friday, January 22, 2021

Today the Province of Nova Scotia announced that they will be increasing the number of people allowed without physical distancing for sports, arts, and culture back to 50.  Games, competitions, and performances will also be permitted starting on Monday, January 25. Participants will be able to train and compete within their regular competitive schedule, however, events and competitions that bring together teams (and, or) individual participants that would not regularly compete against each other (such as provincial championships) will not be permitted. 

Please see our FAQ about the new regulations. We hope that it will help clarify any questions you may have. 

If you have any sport-specific inquiries, please contact your provincial sport organization directly. For the most up to date information about gathering limits and public health regulations, please visit the Government of Nova Scotia website. 


Province of Nova Scotia Press Release January 22, 2021
Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Gathering Limits
Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Return to Sport Guidelines


COVID-19 Update: January 8, 2021

Today the province announced that the current sport regulations (originally announced on December 16) will remain in place for at least another two weeks. 

Sports can continue to practice or train with groups of up to 25 without social distancing. The number of 25 includes all participants in the sporting activity, (coaches, trainers, etc.). Games, competition, and events are not permitted, so all teams and training groups are to be consistent within their own personnel. These regulations apply to the entire province. 

If you have any sport-specific questions, please contact your provincial sport organization, and for the most up-to-date information about gathering limits, please visit to the Government of Nova Scotia website. 


Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Press Release: January 8, 2021

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Gathering Limits

Province of Nova Scotia COVID-19 Return to Sport Guidelines
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