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New Campaign Warns of Dangers of Early Sport Specialization

Halifax, NS – A new campaign launching October 24th is co-developed by Hockey Nova Scotia and Soccer Nova Scotia and targets parents of athletes aged 12 and under to generate awareness of the dangers of early sport specialization.


“Early sport specialization is on the rise in youth sport, and it’s a disturbing trend. So many parents feel the pressure to force their kids ‘all in’ too young. Parents are led to believe that more is better, that they are giving their child an edge by narrowing in on one sport, or even that it is a matter of competitive survival,” says Brad Lawlor, Executive Director of Soccer Nova Scotia. “We are creating a generation of injured, burned out kids who stop sports altogether, leading to a lifetime of health issues.READ MORE


Get More From Sport Campaign

Global News Coverage

The Get More From Sport campaign received some coverage on Global News today.  The video and accompanying coverage are located here.
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