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    Executive | Finance/Administration | Public Relations | Marketing | Sport Development


    Jamie Ferguson
     Chief Executive Officer
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 315/ jferguson@sportnovascotia.ca
    Responsibilities Include:
    • Management of Sport Nova Scotia operations
    • Policy development
    • Sport Nova Scotia spokesperson
    • Program development
    • Government liaison
    • Executive and Board Ex-officio

    Helen Goodwin
    Executive Assistant
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 327/ hgoodwin@sportnovascotia.ca
    Responsibilities Include:
    • Assist CEO with day-to-day administration of executive office
    • Staff liaison with Board of Directors
    • Membership inquiries
    • KidSport inquiries, applications and payment

    Dillon Ross

    Manager of Human Resources
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 510/ dross@sportnovascotia.ca
    Responsibilities Include:
    • Oversee policies and practices for Human Resources management 
    • Provide advice and resource support for PSO members 
    • Development and implementation of HR policies and systems
    • Employee relations and management


    Blaise Landry
     Organizational Effectiveness Lead
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 352/ blandry@sportnovascotia.ca
    Responsibilities Include:
    • Provide consultation services to provincial sport organizations specific to organizational
    • Develop tools, resources, programs and implement initiatives to enhance organizational
    • Identify/develop standards for practice for sport organizations.
    • Establish and monitor priorities and outcomes for organizational effectiveness within the Nova
      Scotia sport system


    Tanya Harrietha
     Director of Finance and Administration
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 334/ tharrietha@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Management of SNS finances
    • Management of Administration Centre
    • Oversee management of building operations
    • PSO financial services consultations
    • Executive & Board Ex-officio
    • Financial services for members/registered users


    Nick McBride, CPA, CMA
     Accounting Manager
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 369/ nmcbride@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Manage the delivery of administrative centre services
    • Provincial Fund Manager for Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund and KidSport
    • Financial Reporting
    • Program Reporting/Administration
    • Payroll/Benefit Administration
    • Building Reporting/Administration

    Hilda LaPierre

     Administrative Assistant - Finance and Administration
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 319/ hlapierre@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Members/registered users payroll and benefits
    • Financial services for members/registered users
    • Accounts receivable/payable
    • Administer computer policy agreements

    Corinna Snooks

     Administrative Assistant - Membership Services
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 326 / csnooks@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • SNS/registered users/members administrative services
    • Printing/reception
    • Coordination of meeting supplies
    • Invoicing
    • Tax receipting for Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund and KidSport
    • Telephone programming
    • Coordination of billing for SNS time and services
    • Lockup duties

    Paula Yochoff
     Desktop Publisher
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 364/ pyochoff@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Desktop publishing for members/registered users/SNS
    • Printing and document finishing
    • Reception and administrative services when necessary
    • Layout of Sport Quarterly and Support4Sport Awards booklet

    Linda Tompkins
    (902) 425-5450/ reception@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

    • Distribution of faxes/mail/courier
    • Reception
    • Meeting room bookings
    • Assistance with administrative services
    • Phone and fax machine maintenance
    • Public inquiries

    Joni Mattatall
    Manager of Information Technology
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 328/ jmattatall@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Acting as lead technical resource
    • Managing IT support staff
    • Aligning technology support to the strategies and goals of SNS
    • Defining architecture, technology and database requirements to accommodate future organizational information requirements
    • Providing expert consultation to internal or external staff and service providers regarding technology concerns and opportunities
    • Identifying and defining policies and procedures related to information technology

    Jerrid Willigar
    Information Technology Support
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 509/ jwilligar@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Website updates and maintenance
    • Network administration and desktop support
    • Database updates and maintenance
    • Video/conference Support
    •  IT asset management

    Kate Trask
    Manager of Public Relations and Communications
    (902) 292-0037/ ktrask@sportnovascotia.ca   

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Support4Sport Awards
    • Content Creation
    • Media Support
    • Internal and external communications

    Sarah Jackson
    Communications Coordinator
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 508/ sjackson@sportnovascotia.ca   

    Responsibilities Include:
    • Social Media
    • CSCA Magazine
    • SNS Education Sessions
    • Event support


    Jeff LeDrew
    Director of Marketing and Events
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 354/ jledrew@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Management of Marketing & Events Unit
    • Corporate Partnerships
    • Event & Program management
    • Revenue generation
    • PSO marketing/ sponsorship consultations
    • Branding / Advertising
    • KidSport

    Tyler Smith
    Marketing and Events Coordinator
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 344/ tsmith@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Coordination of Manulife Dragon Boat Festival
    • Coordinating special events
    • Servicing SNS sponsors
    • Coordination of SNS branding initiatives (ie. Merchandise distribution)

    Colin Gillis
    KidSport Coordinator
    (902) 425-5450 ext 350/ cgillis@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Provincial KidSport Administration
    • KidSport Community Chapter Development
    • General KidSport Inquiries

    Chris Warburton
    Sport Projects Coordinator
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 362/ cwarburton@sportnovascotia.ca

    Responsibilities Include:

    • Coordination & implementation of the Milk Sport Fairs
    • Developing and coordinating SNS fundraising initiatives
    • Coordination of Nova Scotia Amateur Sport Fund

    Adam Harbin
    Graphic Designer
    (902) 425-5450 ext. 359/ aharbin@sportnovascotia.ca   

    Designer for:
    • Special events: Manulife Dragonboat Festival, Support4Sport Awards, Ceilidh&Casino, Milk Sport Fair, Corporate Games
    • KidSport Nova Scotia 
    • Atlantic Coaches Conference
    • Advocacy and communication strategies
    • SNS media relations
    • Layout and design of SNS promotional material (ie. Brochures, print ads, banners, etc.)


    Mark Smith
    Director of Sport

       (902) 425-5450 ext. 366/ msmith@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

    • Strategic Sport Development
    • PSO & CSO Sport Development
    • Bilateral Agreement Implementation
    • Targeted Broad Sector Collaboration & Partnerships

    Janine MacIntyre
    Support4Sport Coordinator / Project Manager

       (902) 425-5450 ext. 372/ jmacintyre@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

    • Manage Support4Sport Participation Development, PSO Projects, Canada Games, Coaching Employment, Coaching – Professional Development and Coaching Education funding programs
    • Administrative duties related to the Nova Scotia Athlete Assistance funding program
    • PSO consultations

    Paul Tingley

    Parasport Coordinator

       (902) 425-5450 ext. 375/parasport@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with Provincial Sport Organizations to provide Parasport opportunities

  • Janice Cougle
    Participation Lead 

       (902) 425-5450 ext. 358/ jcougle@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

    • Provide consultation services to develop and implement applications for members.
    • Support the implementation of Canadian Sport for Life/Long Term Athlete Development
    • Establish and monitor priorities and outcomes for participation within the Nova Scotia sport system. 


    Janessa MacPherson

    Senior Regional Sport Consultant:  Halifax

      902-266-5368 / jmacpherson@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with Community Sport Organizations to support programs and funding opportunities

  • David Ogbuah
    Regional Sport Consultant: Cape Breton

    902-225-6693 / dogbuah@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with Community Sport Organizations to support programs and funding opportunities

  • Courtney Nicholson-Patriquin
    Regional Sport Consultant: Fundy

    (902) 890-3793 / cnicholsonpatriquin@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with Community Sport Organizations to support programs and funding opportunities


    Gina MacInnis

    Regional Sport Consultant: Highlands

      (902) 318-4852  / gmacinnis@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with Community Sport Organizations to support programs and funding opportunities

  • Nicole Kenney

    Regional Sport Consultant: South Shore

      (902) 298-9531 / nkenney@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with Community Sport Organizations to support programs and funding opportunities

  • Melissa Sullivan

    Regional Sport Consultant: Valley

       902-306-0100 / msullivan@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with Community Sport Organizations to support programs and funding opportunities

  • Stephanie Spencer

    Community Sport Lead 

       (902) 968-1445 / sspencer@sportnovascotia.ca

       Responsibilities Include:

    • Provide strategic direction of quality community sport development throughout Nova Scotia. 
    • Lead the development, implementation and evaluation of enhanced supports and services for community sport delivery. 
    • Establish organizational frameworks to support community sport development in alignment to provincial priorities. 

    Mallory Taylor

    PSO Administrative Coordinator

       (902) 425-5450 ext. 370/ mtaylor@sportnovascotia.ca

       Sport Responsibilities:

    • Squash
    • Cross Country Ski
    • Taekwondo

    Patrick Thompson

    PSO Administrative Coordinator

       (902) 425-5450 ext. 357/ pthompson@sportnovascotia.ca

       Sport Responsibilities:

    • Rowing
    • Karate

    Emily Nickerson

    PSO Administrative Coordinator

       (902) 425-5450 ext. 371/ enickerson@sportnovascotia.ca

       Sport Responsibilities:

    • Judo
    • Archery
    • Wrestling

    Vanessa Robertson

    PSO Administrative Coordinator

       (902) 425-5450 ext. 368/ vrobertson@sportnovascotia.ca

       Sport Responsibilities:

    • Rugby
    • Boxing