Support4Sport Funding Opportunties

Learn more about the Support4Sport Funding Opportunities available by visiting the Support4Sport Program Overview.

Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation


The Support4Sport program, funded by the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation, is projected to provide approximately $4.2 million annually for sport in Nova Scotia.  The Support4Sport funding programs have been designed by Sport Nova Scotia (SNS), the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic (CSCA), and Department of Health Wellness (D&W), with input and feedback provided by Provincial Sport Organizations.   

Support4Sport Funding Guidelines

The Support4Sport funding through the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation will follow these guidelines for allocations:

  •  $885,000 will be directed towards participation programming
  •  $596,100 will be directed towards coaching/officials development 
  • $290,000 will be directed to athlete assistance
  • $530,000 will be directed towards Canada Games programming 
  • $129,000 will be directed towards high-performance programming
Within each of these identified areas, there will be guidelines around amounts to be allocated for specific targeted programs. If all of the targeted allocated funds are not spent on a specific program, the committees will have the ability to designate the funding to another program.Please note administrative and program support costs have been deducted from Support4Sport funding cited in this document.  

What Support4Sport can do for you and your sport organization:

  • Purchase sport equipment
  • Create and enhance current programming
  • Support performance training opportunities for athletes
  • Create full time positions such as provincial coaches and technical directors

For more information on the Support4Sport program contact Janine MacIntyre, Support4Sport Coordinator at or by telephone at 425-5450 ext. 372.